About Vermont Laser Chiropractic

Vermont Laser ChiropracticHere at Vermont Laser Chiropractic, taking a global approach to your structure and function allows me to best serve your needs and treat the cause of your problem, not just the symptoms. Appropriate modalities such as state of the art low-level laser therapy, ultrasound, electric stimulation and vibration massage may also be used as part of your care. Correction of any biomechanical faults in your feet are a common factor in both lower back pain and lower extremity dysfunction. A modern scanner from Foot Levelers will image your feet and an email of your scan will be sent directly to you so that you can see exactly how much and where your arches drop.

At my White River Junction, VT practice the style is a time-based private pay practice with no insurance, and no staff. This allows me to give you 100% of my time and skills at a lower cost than insurance rates, especially in this age of high deductibles and rapidly increasing co-pays (I have many patients who have co-pays higher than my actual fee). 

I purchased this practice in 2017 from my friend and colleague, Dr. Bob Toda, and in his wisdom, he practiced this way with great success. I am able to do more for you based on time than in a traditional fee-for-service format. This means I can perform more of my skills and different treatments than if we were to itemize and bill them to your insurance. I can save us both time without the overly stringent documentation requirements insurers expect, while providing high standard documentation with notes personally dictated on the same day of your visit. In addition, your total fees will be much lower compared to your insurance rates in almost every case.