Chiropractic Care

 chiropractic carevermont chiropractor upper valley chiropractorChiropractic is mainstream nowadays and the debate on our legitimacy is over. We are effective in treating many neuromusculoskeletal conditions and are experts in this area of health care. Other professions are learning manipulation during their physician level training. It has been said the greatest compliment is imitation, and in this case, it is true. Physical therapists are expanding their education and are now becoming doctors of physical therapy and are learning manipulation. Younger osteopaths are getting more involved with their long history of manipulation and are doing more of it in their clinical practices. All of this is wonderful to see. The more people in our communities that are getting adjusted/receiving manipulation, the healthier they are, and the better our communities will be. Overall health care costs go down when people are under chiropractic care. Most studies show that chiropractic serves 8 to 12% of the population. Clearly, there is room for growth, and we are happy to serve you.