Dr. Shawn J. McDermott

• born, raised and educated in Ontario 1971-1994
• two amazing, loving, supportive parents Jim and Sheila McDermott to whom I am deeply thankful
• two beautiful, successful grown daughters, Colleen and Emily, of whom I am very proud

• Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Health Professions Stream, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada April 1994
• matriculated to Logan College of Chiropractic in August 1994
• graduated with Doctor of Chiropractic December 1997
• moved to Vermont December 31, 1997
• licensed in Vermont since early February 1998
• started career with Dr. Arthur Pistey, Norwich, VT February 1998 to May 1999
• locum tenens for 6 months May-Nov 1999 covering for Dr. Tom Turek in St. Johnsbury, VT
• huge thanks to Dr. Turek for the opportunity to learn, he was my first mentor and teacher
• first solo practice in Nov/Dec 1999 as McDermott Chiropractic in WRJ, VT
• served as Vermont Chiropractic Association Vice President from spring 2002 until spring 2004
• covered for Dr. Jeff Levy in Randolph, VT from November 2006 to January 2007
• purchased Dr. Levy’s practice founding Connecticut Valley Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, PLC January 1, 2007 with Dr. Trevor Gilbert
• Dr. Levy passed away February 2007…
• Dr. Gilbert returned to Indiana October 2008
• transitioned to practice in Randolph only in 2008
• merged Randolph practice with Dr. Charles Foster in October 2013 co-founding Randolph Chiropractic
• shadowed Dr. Toda in WRJ May/June 2017
• took over primary patient care for Dr. Toda’s patients July 2017
• purchased Dr. Toda’s WRJ, VT office September 2017
• first Erchonia laser seminar October 2017 with Dr. Robert Silverman in Boston, MA
• this completely changed my practice and knowledge base, went “all in” with lasers/LLLT
• Dr. Steven Drebber joined me as an associate November 2017
• second Erchonia laser seminar with Dr. Drebber (his first) to see Dr. Silverman again December 2017 Portland, ME – Dr. Silverman clearly another mentor, teacher, inspirational colleague of mine
• renamed practice to Vermont Laser Chiropractic, PLC February 2018


Continuing to learn about and integrate Erchonia’s laser technology into chiropractic practice expanding on the breadth and depth of conditions treated – I finally feel that I’m in the middle of my life’s work with a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

Many Thanks To

Dr. Arthur Pistey for giving me my professional start and his kindness allowing me and my young family to remain in the Upper Valley – many thanks to Dr. Tom Turek for being the mentor I needed to be able to go out on my own, for showing me how to adjust the lumbar spine supine, and for giving me a chance to be the doctor that I was initially meant to become – many thanks to the late Dr. Jeff Levy for his friendship and trust to take over his practice after he could no longer take care of those valued patients he cared so much for – many thanks to Dr. Trevor Gilbert for having my back, being a true friend, great colleague and amazing business partner as we transitioned into the Randolph practice during such a difficult time in my life – many thanks to Pati Grandy, my office manager and friend for over 11 years for her unwavering support, loyalty, friendship and dedication to our many patients – I wish you well in this next phase of your life! – many thanks to Dr. Charles Foster for his friendship, many rounds of golf, faith in me, guidance, and inspiration to expand my practice and step up my game by leading by example, talking the talk and walking the walk of wellness and health in his own life – many deep thanks to Dr. Bob Toda for his guidance, tutelage and mentorship trusting me to take over his beloved WRJ, VT practice on his return to his native Hawaii – I’m a better doctor because of you, Bob. Thank you for giving me the keys to the kingdom of the practice of my dreams – many thanks to Dr. Robert Silverman for his mentorship, friendship, leading by example of deep dedication to his purpose, and for changing my life and practice in a significant and profound way teaching me about Erchonia low-level lasers and modern concussion protocols – you inspire me, Rob -many thanks to Shawn Bean, my Erchonia rep extraordinaire, for her passion, support and vision  – many thanks to my friend, colleague and associate Dr. Steven Drebber for his commitment, effort, passion for what we’re trying to do at VLC, and for being the best chiropractic teammate ever! – last, but not least, many thanks to my parents, Jim and Sheila, for giving me the best home I could have asked for where I could follow my dreams and help make the world a better place one patient at a time.